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St. Lucy Parish School
76 Kennedy Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 871-8023

School Logos

Usage Guidelines

Anyone developing marketing materials for school or external usage should take advantage of official school logos, instead of creating ad hoc logos for individual occasions. If a customized logo is required for your promotional item, event or flyer, the school prefers that you create one using elements from existing logos, including colors, fonts and graphic motifs. New graphic designs should be approved by the principal. If you would like assistance in designing your flyer or new logo, please contact the Development Office.

Fonts and Colors

Where possible and newly derived logo designs should utilize the standard fonts and colors of St. Lucy:

Blue: PMS 286; RGB 1A52A4 (hex); RGB 36, 82, 164 (decimal)
Yellow: PMS 114; RGB FFE363

Headline Font: Baskerville
Subhead Font: Futura

Image Downloads

The following is a collection of standard images, representing approved logo designs for St. Lucy Parish School. To download an image below, click on it and select 'Save As' from your browser menu.

1039 x 1342 pixels
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1039 x 1342 pixels
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1848 x 2093 pixels
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1848 x 2093 pixels
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1334 x 1643 pixels
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1046 x 1011 pixels
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1039 x 1342 pixels
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11075 x 1381 pixels
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829 x 536 pixels
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If you have original ideas for new graphic designs, or you would like to have your custom adaptation made available as one of the official logo options, please submit your design to the Develpment Office.